Montenegro: A Day Spent Sailing

When you visit any European coastline in summer you see a multitude of private yachts lining the coast and I bet you are thinking one day that will be me! If so, you best keep reading because you must be thinking how can I sail Montenegro at an affordable price? Well Montenegro, my new favourite travel destination, has a number of expats and locals offering you half or full day sailing trip on their yachts. How great is this country!?


For a reasonable fee you can be taken out on a local Montenegrins yacht and cruise the seas of the Bay of Kotor. Along with Montenegro being my new favourite destination, this is also my new favourite activity. Lazing on the front of a yacht as your skipper cruisers you around, pointing out interesting facts or landmarks, stopping off at magnificent little swimming spots, pouring you a wine or two so you don’t have to move and then repeat this all over again, ALL DAY! How could sailing the Bay of Kotor not be on your Montenegro To Do List? Seriously!

Yuri from Paro-M was amazing as I sailed with him on his yacht Virtus for the day. Friendly, informative and personable we got on like a house on fire and spent the day chatting, enjoying the remarkable views of the Bay of Kotor and listened to his Russian acoustic tunes playing. I could not have pictured a more perfect day for my Adriatic sailing cruise.

Go by yourself, enjoy with friends or share your ride with other travellers, the choice is yours although its worth noting that the more people you have on board, the more cost effective the outings will be per person. (Limits do apply)

After our second swimming stop for the day Yuri prepared some delicious sandwiches as I drank wine in the sun. Once lunch was finished and I was in for my third swim, Yuri tells me that it was time for a massage, I thought odd, but I’ll see where this goes. He then throws me a rope in the water and tells me to hold on and starts the engine. He is about to tow me on the back of the boat! Holding on for dear life, initially, I relaxed into the ride, lazed on my back and let the boat take me. The water flowing around my body was very relaxing, Yuri was right, a nice massage and a surreal moment in time as you gaze over the rugged Montenegrin mountains which look more like a painting than real life.


All good things must come to an end and we head back to port as I dry myself for the last time, aboard the front of the yacht with the sun beaming down. What an incredible day that I could not recommend highly enough to any wanderer out there looking for an interesting and relaxing way to view the Bay of Kotor & Pearest Coasts of Montenegro.

If you are interested in booking in to sail Montenegro for the day I highly recommend Yuri for your adventure. I also recommend Katie & Tim and their two dogs ,who were unfortunately booked out for my time in Montenegro, but come highly recommended and even feature in Lonely Planet’s Eastern Europe 2017 Edition.

To sail from the Bay of Kotor with Yuri and check his availabilities you can make contact with him at Parus M Tours. Their English website is still under construction but you can link through to their website, which is in Russian, alternatively you can also email them directly on 

To sail from the Bay of Kotor with Katie, Tim and their adorable dogs Mollie & Louis you can touch base with them at to see what they offer and touch base for availabilities.

Don’t forget your sunscreen, a towel and your camera (although a waterproof one is preferable for those amazing shots frolicking in the water) and let your hosts look after an unbelievable day for you.

Happy Sailing Wanderers x


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