Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles

When looking for accomodation in any city it can be quiet difficult, particularly if it’s your first time, you are not familiar with transport or the ease of getting around and apart from those tourist hotspots you are not sure of any local favourites and recommendations to base yourself around. So where did I start?

I have just stayed at The Ace Hotel DTLA (which stands for Downtown Los Angeles and is abbreviated everywhere) and choosing this hotel could not have been easier. As LA has limited public transport you certainly require a car to get around. Ace Hotel was situated a cheap Uber away from everywhere we wanted to explore. The most we paid was $27USD which was to LAX on our departure. All of the hot spots for LA, typical tourist attractions and even the awesome eateries and bars we enjoyed were all either walking distance or a quick Uber ride away. I go into these eateries and bars in my LA: what to explore and experience post.

If the location wasn’t good enough already, DTLA is an up and coming urban area that has risen from skid row to become a buzzing trendy epicentre and Ace Hotel is amongst it all. With a rooftop pool and bar which never seems to be any less than full, day or night, to the United Artists Theatre just next door to entertain you with just about anything from comedy, cat conventions and live entertainment. Add a delicious restaurant, inviting and stylish rooms with what can only be described as a cloud for you to sleep on each night and cold brew so on point, you almost don’t need to leave the hotel, like ever!

My room was as I mentioned stylish, well planned and fitted out with a contemporary industrial interior. My favourite part of coming back to the hotel after a long day of beers, incredible food and exploring another aspect to LA was knowing that when I hit the bed, which I named the cloud due to it’s incredible softness and marshmallow like texture, I was going to become well rested for another day of exploring, well that is after a cocktail or two by the pool first!

The atmosphere was always buzzing due to the number of locals and guests visiting the pool, rooftop bar or the downstairs restaurant continuously each and every day, and the staff were hospitable and always carried a genuine smile. When I am back in LA my accomodation is already sorted, I will be staying at The Ace Hotel DTLA once again.  Check out Ace Hotel via this link.

Enjoy your stay in LA at The Ace Hotel, and don’t forget to check out my other posts on LA and as I travel America in search of the the best explorations and cultural and dining experiences. Next stop Napa Valley.


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